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Wide Awake in Sleepy Hollow

This late-afternoon cemetery stroll guides visitors through the notable Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and some of the most well-known burials, interesting grave sites and inspirational stories of the people of Concord through the last two centuries.


From powerful women to well-known sculptors, Civil War soldiers to generational abolitionists and to the gravesites of four of the most well-known authors (Thoreau, Emerson, Alcott & Hawthorne) in American history, guests will hear the true stories of the fascinating lives that made Concord a place never to be forgotten. The hallowed grounds of Sleepy Hollow are home to real-life legends whose memory is kept alive by all those who visit.


Wide Awake in Sleepy Hollow is a two-hour walking tour and requires ability to walk up small staircases and a steep incline to Author’s Ridge. Please wear comfortable walking shoes. Guests will meet their guide at the far entrance in the older “New Hill” section that connects to Sleepy Hollow. Street Parking or public lots are just a block down the road in historic Concord.

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