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If you're seeking a powerfully memorable experience for your group, we've got this.

$25 per student



The Ultimate Two-Revolution Experience 

Students love this first person narrative delivered by their very own Patriot Soldier!

$35 per student



A perfect blend of fun and education

In which we learn of Transcendentalist, American Gothic fiction, and kittens. 

$60 per student



Whence we shall party like it's 1845!


With a little help from modern marvels (like email! and the telephone!) we can arrange for Henry to bring himself straight from 1845 to your students. Whether it's speaking at your school, leading your group on a narrated walk around Walden Pond, or addressing any size crowd from his cabin in the woods, this is a fascinating adventure not to be missed. 


Additionally, Richard Smith the historian is available as a public lecturer and can speak on an impressive array of topics from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars to the flowering of American literature - whether here in Concord or at a location of your choice.

Call now to impress friends and wow coworkers with your very own Transcendentalist!

Availability: year round

Price: $25 per student. Minimum of 20 students and $5 for each aditional student thereafter. 

Lunch and transportation not included (but easily added!)



In which we cover two revolutions and two centuries in two hours without breaking a sweat, plus, some things your teachers probably never told you.

Even if your students don't like history, they'll love this first person narrative delivered by their very own Patriot Soldier, and the fascinating musket demonstration that follows! A unique and fun opportunity to explore the Old North Bridge and the “the shot heard ‘round the world” from the perspective of an Acton Minuteman who was there on the morning of April 19th, 1775.

As we stroll gently away from the famous bridge, we'll find ourselves on the grounds of The Old Manse, once home to Nathnial Hawthorne and before that Ralph Waldo Emerson. Here, we'll turn our attention towards the second revolution to have roots in Concord: that of the mid-nineteenth century and known as The American Renaissance, which would strongly impact American literature and society as we know it. 

This is a completely customizable walking tour, depending on the activity level of your students, but generally will include The Old North Bridge, the Old Manse plus 19th c. landscape and heritage garden, and Authors Ridge at Sleepy Hollow.

Availability: year round but weather dependent

Pricing: $35 per student. Minimum of 20 students, $10 per additional student thereafter.

Lunch and transportation not included (but easily added!)



In which we learn of Transcendentalists, American Gothic Fiction, and kittens.

The ultimate Concord literary experience. We'll trace the very beginnings of American Literature, starting with the Romantics in Europe, covering Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne and Alcott, and their influence on what became known as The American Renaissance.

As the newly minted country found her literary voice we'll also touch on Whitman, Poe, Dickinson, and Longfellow as each of these authors lives were inextricably linked not only to Concord, but each other. 

And yes, let's not forget the kittens. 


This tour is completely customizable, but usually includes two historic house tours of your choice (Emerson House, Alcott House, The Wayside, Walden Pond & cabin replica or The Birthplace of Thoreau), plus a 90 minute tour of Authors Ridge and Sleepy Hollow or The Old Manse and grounds. 

Availability: year round, though subject to some variation due to historic site seasonal hours.

Cost: $60 per student, not including transportation*

Minimum: 10 students.

Lunch and transportation not included (but easily added!)

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