Five days after meeting the vivacious and beautiful Ellen Sewall, Henry David Thoreau wrote in his journal, "There is no remedy for love but to love more."

But three years later, Ellen would marry a minister named Joseph Osgood, and Thoreau would remain single the rest of his life. Meanwhile, Nathaniel Hawthorne would get romantically entangled with two sisters, Ralph Waldo Emerson would suffer one of many tragic losses in his long life, and Louisa May Alcott would "paddle her own canoe" while coming to resent the romanticism she had created in her famed Little Women.

In this enchanting walk through Sleepy Hollow we'll explore the loves, rejections, entanglements, and scandals of some of Concord's most famous residents, plus a few you've never met before. 

While this tour is appropriate for all ages, please be aware that there will be mentions of sex, sexual relationships, alcoholism, and oh yeah, spoiler alert: everyone dies. 

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AVAILABILITY: Year round, conditions permitted

PRICE: $25 per person

WALKING DETAILS: This is a 90 minute tour through downtown Concord and Sleepy Hollow, including one hill to Author's Ridge (handrail available) for a total of 1.5 miles.

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