Concord Tour Company launched in 2010 with the goal of helping visitors enjoy a more cohesive appreciation of Concord’s complex history and its myriad historic sites. In 2022 Concord Tour Company was aquired by the the Connecticut based history tour company Seaside Shadows.


In the same way that history itself is a living narrative that changes as new information is discovered, so do our tours and interpretations as we constantly update what we know balanced with what visitors desire. Driven by our passion for sharing and the joy we experience from engaging with guests, Seaside Shadows seeks to be inclusive of all cultures and to ensure equal representation for both the diverse people that make up our past, and the modern ones who come on our tours.


Our warm, humorous, and friendly storytellers are the true soul of Seaside Shadows. They offer our visitors an unparalleled learning experience, whether you’re a curious weekend tourist, advanced college class, or a professional historian yourself. 


Ultimately, Seaside Shadows Haunted History Tours is committed to providing accurate history in the form of tours, educational experiences, and unique events combined with fun, compelling and entertaining stories that visitors of all ages will love and remember. 


We can’t wait to meet you!

 - The Seaside Shadows Team

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