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"GREAT Group Tour! Alida and her staff did a wonderful job planning and guiding us through a very busy historical day. Whew...did a lot and ALL was great even with our 100+ folks! Highly recommend."


Denise Clark  - Authors Ink

 "I cannot say enough about the experience we had … You all took the time to understand the dynamics of our group, and tailored a program that not only provided top-notch entertainment, but went a long way in fostering positive relationships between the diverse members of the team.  I cannot say enough about the staff of the Colonial Inn, the service they provided us was prompt, professional and proactive … allowing us to focus on OUR business.  Overall, it was one of the best retreats we have ever had.  Thank you !!!”


Diane Giampa, Senior Vice President, Bay State Savings Bank

"Thank you for making the day so special. And so impressive that you run such a great tour company. I love being with someone who's so passionate about our past, and can talk about why it matters. When you say hallowed ground, yes, that's the idea. The heroes of kids today are stars from sports, music, and movies, but my heroes have been more like Emerson, Alcott, and Thoreau. I like to educate in my writing, while making it entertaining- much like what you do on the tours. "


Author, Dale T. Philips

“Our trip to Concord was listed as the favorite event of the whole trip for many of the girls!  It was such a delightful experience!  I have told everyone I see how wonderful you were. As the trip leader, it was so delightful for me to relax and let you be in charge.  It was certainly a memorable day for me.  I plan to bring my kids back and do another tour with you next time I visit the area.”


Janie Hizer, Library Services Dept. Chair, Park Tudor School, IN

“We had a wonderful time! Our donors were raving about the afternoon and loved each of the tours. I heard the words excellent, fabulous, and wonderful when asked about how they enjoyed themselves -  thank you!”


Caitlin Browne - The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington, D.C



Alida V Orzechowski Owner and Founder of Concord Tour Company


Owner and Founder

After nearly a decade in high tech and software, Alida fell madly in love with a new career in history when she began working as 

the Director of Marketing and historical interpreter for The Old Manse. During her time there, she observed visitors to Concord would benefit from a more cohesive way to experience one of the most historically significant towns in the country. 

         In 2010, Concord Tour Company was born of that desire to provide a stress-free, fun, and educational visit for all. Alida is fortunate to work alongside a variety of incredibly talented historians and reenactors who use their passion and knowledge to make Concord's history come alive.



General Manager

Beth, a licensed Concord tour guide, is originally from NJ, but has lived in Massachusetts for the past 18 years, and is tickled to call historic Concord

her home. Whilst at Montclair State university, she studied anthropology and received a BA in English. Taking the Concord History course reignited Beth's love of learning and she recently started a Masters in History through SNHU to help her guide visitors through history with more insight, and as an early birthday present to herself - she should be finished with her Masters just a few weeks before her 50th birthday in 2021!

    When not giving tours, or doing homework, Beth can be found walking her St Bernard around Concord as he sniffs out history one plaque at a time. 


Portrait - Victor Curran Lr Selects-5523


Historical Interpreter

As the instructor for the Concord Town History Course, Victor  

prepares students to become licensed  tour guides by the town of

Concord. He's an interpreter at The Old Manse, guiding adult visitors and school groups through a house that witnessed the 1775 battle at the North Bridge and later was home to both Emerson and Hawthorne. 

         Victor is also an interpreter at the Concord Museum, giving walking tours of Revolutionary, Transcendentalist, and Abolitonist sites, and guiding visitors through the museum's collection of Revolutionary, literary, and Native American treasures. 

          For those who like their history served up with a refreshing beverage, Victor regales visitors with lively stories from Concord history in the cozy Colonial Inn. 



Historical Interpreter 

Chynna is a licensed Concord Guide with a focus on the Literary Revolution & the 19th c. New England Intellectuals. She truly

believes that American Philosophy ought to be practiced outside - reflecting food for thought while getting dirt under your nails. In addition to conducting tours, you can find Chynna being geeky at the Shop at Walden Pond where she manages their extensive bookstore and gift shop.

        In the summer, Chynna works as a park supervisor, walking in Thoreau's footsteps as she provides environmental stewardship to Walden Woods. She does not dread waking up for work in the morning, which is probably an act of transcendentalism in itself. Chynna always has a smile on her face, so bring your questions and walk away with something new to think about. 

Jennifer Toth Reenactor and Historica Interpreter


Reenactor and Historical Interpreter

Jennifer has had a life-long passion for history, with a tradition of military service in her family. For 

over fifteen years she worked with the Framingham History Center in various capacities which included designing and executing exhibits, tours, encampments, programs, and events. 

               Jennifer participates with five reenactment groups encompassing three centuries. They include American Revolution units: Acton Minutemen and the Sudbury Militia; Civil War Units, the Northeast Topographical Engineers and Corbin's Battery, and Das Geld Fahnlein, a 16th c. European pike soldiers unit. She's fired muskets or cannons at events across much of the northeast and mid Atlantic. 

                 Jennifer also has significant theater experience as an actress, playwright, and producer and she's sure to both educate and entertain all our visitors! 

Steve Crosby Reenactor and Historical Interpeter


Reenactor and Historical Interpreter

Steve is a local Revolutionary War reenactor who grew up in the nearby historical town of Acton. 

Weaned on the story of Issac Davis and the courageous actions of his Acton Minuteman unit, Steve has a unique knowledge and insight into the story of the battle at the Old North Bridge. Steve is the Captain of the present-day Acton Minutemen and truly enjoys telling the story of the opening day of the American Revolution, with anecdotes and nuances you won't hear anywhere else.


An engineer turned carpenter, he is a seasoned North Bridge tour guide and is ready to take you down that path into history. 

Richard Smith General Manager Concord Tour Company


Reenactor and Historical Interpreter

Richard has been a Concord historian for more than twenty years, most of that time as Henry David Thoreau, making appearances at Walden Pond, 

around Concord, and throughout the US and Canada. Having been a National Park Ranger, as well as tour guide at the various Concord historical sites, Richard has an intimate knowledge of Concord's history and the famous people who lived here. 

            In addition, he has written several books for Applewood Books in nearby Carlisle, MA, including Quotations of Henry David Thoreau,  A Short Biography of Henry David Thoreau, and A short Biography of Alexander Hamilton. When not giving tours or lectures, Richard can often be found drinking good whiskey and listening to punk rock. 



Historical Interpreter

Brianne is a writer and editor with a degree in English literature from Boston University and a master's degree in English literature from 

the University of MA, Boston.

          A longtime lover of Thoreau, she found Thoreau when she was just fifteen years old. She serves as Editorial Advisory Board Member for the Thoreau Society, one of the oldest societies devoted to an American author, and is the author of American Lit 101: From Nathaniel Hawthorne to Harper Lee and Naturalism to Magical Realism, an Essential Guide to American Writers and Works (Simon & Shuster, 2017).

          Brianne lives in Belmont, MA, a stone's throw from her adopted home in Concord, where you'll find her traipsing wildly through the woods, and hanging with her treasured group of "geeks" in the cozy pub at Concord's Colonial Inn. 

Jamie & Paul_edited_edited.jpg


Reenactor and Historical Interpreter

Paul is a longtime resident of Lexington, MA, a former Lexington Green tour guide, board

member and former President of the Lexington Historical Society, board member of the Friends of Minuteman Park, and a longtime member and past commander of His Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot, portraying the role of British solidiers in the annual re-enactments of the battles of Lexington and Concord.

           Paul has studied the circumstances, motivations, and events leading up to the outbreak of war in April 1775, and has led numerous tours of these historic sites, breaking myths and illustrating the military and political realities that guided the actions of many on both the Colonial and British sides. The world was changed by these events. It is important that we understand how and why. 

Edited Image 2015-2-28-12:9:32_edited


Brewer, Photographer, and Historical Interpreter

Given his first camera at age twelve, Chris has spent most of his life behind a lens. Along the way,

Chris developed an additional passion: beer! In particular, the magical and ancient discovery of brewing and fermentation which he's now been practicing himself for more than two decades. 

         Dividing his time equally between these two callings, Chris will often be spotted with a beer in his hand or sharing with visitors the ten thousand years of brewing history on his mind. 





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